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  For those who are rooted in tradition and enduring style, Casa Paulina knows exactly what you’re looking for, a home that will stand out by its beauty, consistency and reliability, and the warmth that comes with it.   With […]


Mixing different styles is the result of a cosmopolitan way of life. Modern meets classic, and colors meet basics. At Casa Paulina, you will find the ideal elements to achieve a cohesive look through color, textures and shapes with a […]


Resembling the most magnificent Haciendas in Mexico, this style is all about incorporating rich elements that will make your home feel regal and grand. Rugged wood furniture with the most exquisite carving details as well as regional handcrafts and original […]

MEXICAN COLORFUL interior design

  Influenced by the vibrant colors used in Mexican textiles and handcrafts as well as organic materials that somehow have a life on their own, Casa Paulina has developed a sensibility when it comes to evoking feelings; those which can […]